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The World’s Largest Selling Files and India’s Largest Manufacturer of Ground Flute Drills.
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DC Wheels
Tester 603
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Wire Stripper
Tester 603
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Regular Tester 603
Tester 603
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There are six pillars of culture at JK Files:

Fair & Transparent
Performance Driven
Passion & Energy
Fun Place to work

EB Parivartan: EB Parivartan is a team of the top management and is the culture keeper of the organization. We strongly believe that behaviors displayed at the top percolate down to everyone and hence all the leaders are in JK Files walk the talk and discuss all the cultural issues in a monthly cultural review meeting. The team adheres to the Raymond Values and Leadership Archetype and hence lead by example to everyone else in the organization. They are the cultural change agents for Engineering Business.

There are certain behaviors which you will find with everyone working with JK Files and these behaviors are a part of what sets us apart from other players in the industry. Deceptively simple, these behaviors are powerful reflections of an individual’s character and personal value system. They have irreversible impact on the leadership brand of an individual and when collectively exhibited, on the leadership brand value of the organization.

For Sales Enquiry Contact : International - Export - jkftexport@raymond.in